Lumber Pallet

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Lumber Pallet

: 1
50 lbs.
  • block tally.568.75 board feet.
Some of the mixed species in these units are similar in color to Mahogany.    Boards are either surfaced on two sides or all four sides.  All boards have some end checks that will need to be trimmed off before use.  There are splits, surface checks, cracks, twist or bow in boards – the amount varies with each board.  75% clean is what it averages out to in a pallet load.  We have had customers make anything from decking, rustic furniture, fancy turned articles and boxes out of the same material.

W26137: Boards measure nominal 84”x 5-1/2” up to 7” wide x 1-3/4” and thicker.  This unit has 95% of one species in it There are a few 84” x 3-1/2” x 3-1/2” Block tallies at 568.75 board feet. X $3.00 per board foot.  These boards are weathered on the outside.  We have subtracted 10% from the board foot tally and then calculated the sale price to accommodate the end trimming that will be necessary.

SHIPPING NOTE:  Please note that shipping for this item is not correct. Due to the nature of our shopping cart, it will bill you a small amount of shipping. THIS IS NOT YOUR FINAL SHIPPING AMOUNT. The additional cost of shipping will be added after your checkout process due to the heavy weight & large dimensions of this slab. We will email you with details once we receive your order (or please call or email us for a custom quote before checkout).

WEIGHT: 3,130 lbs. (plus pallet weight)– will ship freight (ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COST WILL APPLY)

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