Golden Teak Burl

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Golden Teak Burl

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3 lbs. 5-1/16″ x 5-1/16″ x 3-11/16″
Originating in South East Asia, Teak (Tectonis grandis) has been described as God's gift to boat builders. It is impervious to water and can ... READ MORE
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Golden Teak burl, Gmelia arborea, is rarely seen on the World market. It grows in the western low land Himalayas in a variety of forest habitats, including tropical semi-evergreen, and deciduous forests. It also occurs in low alluvial savannah woodlands. The tree demands lots of sun, although it can tolerate some shade. It is moderately tolerant to frost and recovers quickly from frost injuries. It shows a preference for moist fertile valleys and grows best on high silt deposits near rivers. It does not thrive where the drainage is poor; while on dry, sandy or otherwise poor soil it remains stunted and is apt to assume little more than a shrubby form because of repeated dying back through drought.  These are the trees that produce the best burls as the tree is under stress.  Flowers produce abundant nectar, which produces high-quality honey. This is some amazing burl with exceptional color and high figure. The wood is all cut from a batch of larger burls that we have allowed to dry slowly for 3 years.  There may be some residual moisture in some pieces but generally this is dry.

Beautiful color with some figure. Slight live edge
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