Gabon Ebony Guitar Set

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Gabon Ebony Guitar Set

: 1
8 lbs.
  • back:22" x 9-1/4" (down to 7-3/4") x 7/32"
  • sides:35-3/4" x 5-1/4" x 5/32"
From equatorial Africa, Ebony is usually found in wet lowlands near rivers and swaps. Devoid of color, Ebony has ink black with lighter streaks. ... READ MORE
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From equatorial Africa, Gabon Ebony is usually found in wet lowlands near rivers and swamps. Devoid of color, Gabon Ebony has ink black with lighter streaks. Only a small percentage of Ebony (three to five percent) produce the highest quality jet black Ebony. Most logs contain 50-70% sapwood with deep heart checks and voids in the heart with fall off of 80-90%. Ebony is hard and costly to produce, which makes it a rare species to obtain. It is difficult to work, glues satisfactorily, and has a tendency to want to split, but takes a really nice polish that makes it worth the work. Ebony is a treasured hardwood that was used by the Egyptian Pharaohs over 3,000 years ago. Diospyrus crassiflora.

This should fit a guitar slightly smaller than a Jumbo. The backs have 1" checks. This is the reason why this needs to be used for something smaller than a Jumbo guitar. One piece of the backs (the one that is not numbered) has a 2-1/2" check halfway between the written #2 and the edge of the board. Kiln dried.
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