Dalbergia Lanceolaria

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Dalbergia Lanceolaria

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3 lbs. 12-1/4″ x 2″ x 1-5/8″
Dalbergia lanceolaria wood comes from a small Rosewood tree in Laos. Large trees may reach heights of 30-45’ tall and 12-18” in ... READ MORE
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Dalbergia lanceolaria wood comes from a small tree in Laos.  Large trees may reach heights of 30-45’ tall and 12-18” in diameter. The trees produce a pale pink flower in April.  A true Rosewood, the wood has excellent working properties and takes a fine natural polish easily.  Lanceolaria produces small, defect free blanks that are suitable for bowls, pens, spindles, lidded boxes, peppermills and small parts for musical instruments.  This is an exceptionally rare species that is highly desired by local woodworkers; very little of it ever is imported into the US.  We are offering this to satiate the popular demand for new species & beautiful, rare wood.  It is dry and ready to use. Larger pieces may have some slight residual moisture. There are no backorders or additional wood after the sale so hurry to get exactly what you’d like. This wood is gorgeous!  It has similar working properties and color to the revered Brazilian rosewood.

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