Brazilian Tulip

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Brazilian Tulip

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3 lbs. 19-7/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 7/8″
Dalbergia variabilis or Dalbergia frutescens. Tulipwood is also called: jacaranda, bahia rosewood, pink wood, jacaranda Rosa, and bois de rose. ... READ MORE
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Brazilian Tulip, Dalbergia decepularis, is also called Jacaranda, Bahia Rosewood, Pink wood, Jacaranda Rosa, and Bois de Rose.  Tulip Rosewood is a small tree (shrub) that averages 2-10" in diameter without sapwood.  Most billets are 3-5" in diameter before milling.  This is a rare species and is only found in small 1" thick lumber, small turning sizes, or veneer and is not plentiful in any.  Weighing about 60 pounds per cubic foot, the wood is dense and takes a very nice polish.  Tulip is prone to splitting when drilling holes for pens so use a sharp bit, letting the bit cut without forcing it into the end grain.  Tulip is used for fine articles including cutlery, turning, jewelry boxes, pistol grips, knives, and pens.

This exceptional Tulip has delightful reds, pinks, and yellows throughout. Each board has been expertly cut from larger billets to ensure the highest quality.  This some of the most colorful tulipwood we have had in 16 years!  A small check, small end check, ½” sound knot, or rough corner edge may be present in only a few boards. A minor pin hole may be present in a few boards. All boards are kiln dried and ready to use.  Some boards are surfaced while others have smooth band sawn faces.
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