Brazilian Ebony

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Brazilian Ebony


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14 lbs. 55-13/16″ x 5-7/8″ x 13/16″
From equatorial Africa, Ebony is usually found in wet lowlands near rivers and swaps. Devoid of color, Ebony has ink black with lighter streaks. ... READ MORE
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Brazilian Ebony is just as dense as African Ebony and has similar working properties with less of a tendency to split.  Although not a true Ebony, it shares many of the same desirable attributes. Trees are typically 50 -75’ tall with 16-24 ft. diameters.  Trees are generally only purplish – black on the inner third of the log.  Much of the sapwood is cut away just as in true Ebonies.  The best lumber is produced in tight stands were the tree has to gain as much height as possible to create a long trunk with very few limbs below the canopy. This is rare and very hard to find in large clean boards. The wood is slightly easier to work that African Ebony and has a smoother more lustrous natural finish.  The color is described as a deep purple – black.  Sapwood is creamy white with some yellow. Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides.

Kiln dried & surfaced on two sides. These are suitable for guitar fingerboards.

Quarter to rift sawn. Small knot on edge. 1" check on face.
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