Bolivian Rosewood

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Bolivian Rosewood

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20 lbs. 71-7/8″ x 8-1/2″ x 13/16″
Bolivian rosewood shares many characteristics of true rosewoods including its colors, working properties, and density. Colors range from violet ... READ MORE
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Bolivian Rosewood (Macherium scleroxylon) shares many characteristics of true rosewoods including its colors, working properties and density. Colors range from violet streaks to coffee browns and black. The trees grow in Bolivia and some of the surrounding Countries. Logs are small and usually only produce umber 3-6" wide.  Only a small percentage of logs are large enough to cut high quality wide boards (boards 8” are considered wide for this species).  Bolivian Rosewood makes a nice choice for acoustic and electric guitars but is also used for anything from high end veneers for corporate jets to jewelry boxes and everything in between. Other common names are Pau Ferro, Santos Rosewood, Morado, and others.  The large Brazil nut is produced by this important tree as well.

This wood is all kiln dried and surfaced on two sides.  There are typically 1-5 random 1/8” bug holes that will have an "ambrosia-like" color streak associated with them that add to the rich and interesting grain. These are common with the species and are not considered a defect. One face may possibly contain a small shallow surface check or two.  A small bark seam may be present also but is usually at an end only. 90% of this material is clear of any defects on both faces. All boards have a sweet smell and are smooth to the touch. Hurry to get the best selection of wide and beautiful boards!

Several surface checks. 1/2" bow and 1/4" crown. There is a split on the heartwood/sapwood boundary. There are areas that could be used for instruments but you would have to work with the bug holes and the checks. Planer skip with some surface checks at numbered end. 7" end split at opposite end.
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