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  Timborana, Piptadenia spp. is a beautiful South American hardwood with specific gravity of .80. Grain tends to be interlocked and/or wavy. Regularly spaced large open pores give a ...... Read More

Brazilian Ebony

Brazilian Ebony is just as dense as African Ebony and has similar working properties with less of a tendency to split. Although not a true Ebony, it shares many of the same desirable ...... Read More

Bolivian Ironwood

This is a dense Bolivian species with the scientific name Caesalpinia pluviosa. Common names include Bolivian Brown Ebony, Bolivian Ironwood, Momoqui, Bolivian Coffeewood or Guayacan. ...... Read More

English Walnut - Even Texture, High Polish

English Walnut, Juglans regia emanates from Circassia in the Caucasus and is the original Walnut of Europe. This tree was prized for its walnuts and was planted all throughout Europe and ...... Read More

Figured African Makore

This African hardwood is also commonly known as African Cherry, yielding a finished product with rich pink & golden colors. It has a high silica content in it so it is not the best ...... Read More

Wondering What to Turn Next? Try Bloodwood

Brosimum paraense. Commercial names include: cardinal wood, blood wood, satine, muiratiranga, satina, and satine rubanne. A dense fine grained wood that takes a high polish and can be ...... Read More

Bhilwara - New Species, Koa Substitute!

Bhilwara, Albizia odoratissma, is a medium sized hardwood species from SE Asia that can also be known as Ceylon Rosewood, Black Siris, and Kali Siris.  Trees grow to a maximum height of ...... Read More

Purple & Black Kingwood

Kingwood, Dalbergia cearensis, is a rare rosewood with violet/purple and light black streaks. From the Atlantic forest in Brazil, Kingwood has been the wood of Kings for hundreds of ...... Read More

Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

Known as Jatoba in Brazil, Brazilian Cherry is a large tree with white blossoms above the rainforest canopy; these scattered trees are a remarkable sight when flying over at a low ...... Read More

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